New song from our upcoming album « IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEAS ».
Mixed & Mastered by Oz Craggs @ Hidden Track Studios


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I tell you a thing you don’t want to hear
I show you a thing you don’t want to see
You ask the questions with no answers to give
You were born in a lie with no reason to live
You will die with answers you didn’t ask for
And you’ll leave without the truth you asked for

Tomorrow will be completely different
Cause the world you live in as no coherence
The past doesn’t exist / The future is far
I try to show you what’s next but your present matters more

You believe in a lie so don’t trust me cause i am the truth
The sun won’t always shine, and when he’ll stop i would have showed you the proofs
But my truth is a lie and my words bother you
You say today isn’t the day, Let’s hope tomorrow will be brighter for you

I am the voice you don’t want to hear
I am the thing you don’t wanna see

I wish you could hear me
Don’t throw yourself in a lie you clearly see


I am a truthful lie, you’ll hear me before i die
Present has the eye to see the future die