Rage n’a finalement pas annoncé la fin du groupe, mais la fin du line-up actuel !

À peine ont-ils célébré leur 30 ans de carrière que les heavy metalleux allemands de RAGE annoncent la fin du line-up actuel qui tenait pourtant bon depuis 15 ans.


Le guitariste Victor Smolski et le bassiste-chanteur Peter « Peavy » Wagner ont publié ce message:

Hi Rageheads, urgend RAGE News: After thinking it over carefully, Peavy and Victor decided to stop working together in the future. This is due to musical and personal changes.

“We have developed in different directions in the last years, that much, that we cannot identify with the current band situation anymore. In this situation we will also part from drummer Andre Hilgers. The last 15 years were blessed with many highlights and great releases but this era is over now. Every extension would be untrue to ourselves and to our fans. We wish each other all the best! Thanx to all the fans for your trust and support!”

Victor Smolski a ajouté:

“Dear friends, after 15 fantastic years, 10 records and countless live shows with RAGE, I have decided to focus myself on other musical challenges. I really want to thank all RAGE fans, who supported me all those years. In the future I will concentrate on the new LMO CD. The orchestra project I founded and formed in 2013 will continue with the same lineup, just without Peavy. New musicians, giving this creative band new input, but also a new name will be revealed soon. Composing and producing the last record was so much fun to me and I want to thank everyone who supported me doing this. With all the experience from the shows with LMO, I’m quite sure the new album will be even more exciting. Expect the unexpected!”


La dernière sortie du groupe date de mai 2014, chez Nuclear Blast:

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